Generate additional student interest by launching a branded prospectus app with inbuilt lead generation forms.


What is GeckoReader?

Put simply, GeckoReader is a lead generation solution that enables you to launch a branded mobile app in the Apple and Google Play app stores with your latest publications. It’s ideal for prospectuses, campus information and other PDF documents.

Students will be able to swipe through your prospectus at their leisure, and then when they are ready to engage, they can make an enquiry directly within the app.

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In many cases GeckoReader may be your first University branded mobile application, we’ll guide you through the process, and ensure that your publications are optimised for smartphone and tablet viewing.

Increased Brand Exposure

Your branded mobile app will be available on both smartphones and tablets, in the Apple and Android app stores worldwide, therefore you'll gain additional exposure to students browsing for University apps.

Generate Additional Leads

When students have finished reading your prospectus, and are ready to engage further, they'll be able to make an enquiry directly from the app, and it'll go straight into GeckoForm.

Reduce Print & Distribution Costs

Because your prospectuses and other publications will be available digitally through your app, you can reduce the associated print & distribution costs with paper based publications.

Offline, and Updated

Once a student has downloaded a publication to their device, they'll be able to browse it without the need for an internet connection. When a publication changes, you'll be able to push that out to app users easily.



Branded Mobile Application

It's completely branded to your University, ensuring that you can maximise your brand and give the best student experience on mobile.

We'll guide you through the whole process, from designing the brand assets, through to submitting your app to the app stores, so there's no additional pressure on your staff.

Intuitive Publication Viewer

Students will be able to swipe through your publications on their own devices using our intuitive publication viewer, which includes the ability to zoom, and click on links.

After they've downloaded a publication, they'll be able to view it completely offline, which is ideal for commutes, and low signal areas.

Integrated with GeckoForm

Once students have browsed your publications and are ready to engage with you further, they'll be able to make an enquiry directly within the app.

They'll be able to choose from any of your chosen forms from Gecko, and their enquiries will be automatically uploaded to GeckoForm.

Powerful Analytics

To ensure that you can monitor the success of GeckoReader, we've integrated it with Google Analytics to give you the very best reporting.

You'll be able to view number of installs and opens, average time in the app, publications viewed, location and so much more.

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